Ezra Bar

name Ezra Bar, MBA, PhD Student, is a Business Process Reengineering Consutant and Academic Mentor for Management and Engineering Students, operating globally from Toronto.

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Principles of Productivity and Operations Management for Small and Mid-size Business

12th April 2006
ABSTRACT For this article, I selected a sector that has not been covered by authors and could hardly be found in books for Operations Management. I find this topic's importance and significance to the global economy, and the Western, in particular, ver... Read >

Economies of Scale vs. Economies of Scope

27th March 2006
Generally speaking, economies of scale is about the benefits gained by the production of large volume of a product, while economies of scope is linked to benefits gained by producing a wide variety of products by efficiently utilising the same Operations.... Read >


23rd March 2006
MEASUREMENTS AND INCENTIVES THAT SUPPORT INNOVATION ABSTRACT This paper focuses on the practical elements and tools that will make innovation work. If we want to encourage behaviour, in general, we must communicate our expectations very explicitly to ... Read >